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Famiq - Acero Inoxidable
Novedades FAMIQ
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  Mr Alberto Di Francesco, engineering manager of the winery “Bodega del Fin del Mundo”  
“Famiq has always worked side by side with us and advised our decision-making process…”
Since 2002, when the winery was built, Famiq has been there with their LIDS, valves and fittings in all our productive areas. In special, the 1mt. diameter round lids with Hinged sight, installed on the upper part of the fermentation tanks, following state-of-the-art technology standards for wine production...
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  Carlos Marzioni, Famiq’s Product Manager. Inspection LIDS business unit  
“In 2007 we succeeded in exporting storage TANK LIDS to France, 100 per cent of which were manufactured by FAMIQ…”
When in 2003 FAMIQ made the decision to start a production unit for Manlids under the BOYER license, the world’s most prestigious producer of the sector, we thought of a strategy which would not only supply the Argentine market with BOYER standard models...
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